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Hindu Thoughts on Creation:

The subject of the origin of creation has been dealt with in Hindu scriptures like Bhagavadam, Chaitanya Charithamritha, and also touched upon in Purusha Suktham. The following is culled out from Cantos II and III of the Bhagavadam.

Bhagavan, the Supreme Being, creates from his own energy, like a spider producing its web from its own body and doing away with it at will.

While the supreme personality of Godhead, Maha Vishnu, was floating on the ocean, a lotus flower emanated from His navel. Out of this Lotus came the Brahma, the first created being. .

As advised by Maha Vishnu, Brahma (The Creator) performed penance for a long period and is blessed by Lord Maha Vishnu, with knowledge and the power to create.

Before creating living beings, Brahma first created the environment and the conditions under which living beings can exist. Thus, the four Vedas, (the Hindu Scriptures) first came out of Brahma's mouths. Sciences, Arts, Dharma principles, etc., followed suit.

Thereafter, creation began in the following order:

  1. Mahatattva-sum total of material ingredients like fire, water, air, sky, etc.
  2. Ego
  3. Sense perception
  4. Knowledge
  5. Immovable entities like flowers, fruits, plants, trees, etc.
  6. Lower species of life like animals, aquatics, reptiles, birds, etc.
  7. Man-the last aspect of creation, gifted with reasoning power-intelligence.

Regarding man, Brahma first created four mind-born sons, Samaka, Sananda, Sanatana, and Sanat. Being born sages, they refused the father's command to procreate.

Again Brahma went through rigid austerities (tapas), as a result of which two human beings were created-Swayambhu Manu (male) and Satarupa (female) from out of Brahma's own body. Manu and Satarupa had two sons and three daughters. The sons were Priya Varta and Uttanapada. The daughters Akuti, Devahuthi and Prasuthi, were, respectively married to Ruci, Kardama and Daksha, who were again born from the mind of Brahma.

With these three couples, the process of generating world population started. It is pertinent to note that Kardama and Devahuthi gave birth to Kapila-an incarnation of the Lorn. Kapila's advice to his own mother Devahuthi about philosophy is well known.

Next to Brahma is Manu, the father of Creation. The term manushya (man) originates from Manu.

(This is contributed by Mr. P.V. Narayanaswamy)

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